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product--Automatic Block Cutting machine

PSQ 300-800 Full-Automatic Block Cutting Machine EPS Cutting machine

Main Features
The machine is made of high quality rectangular steel tube with reasonable structure and firm,high intensity,so it will not be out of shape.
It adopted the 0-4.5m/min nonpolar frequency conversion to timing to meet the demands of various cutting speed including horizontal,vertical and nubbly cutting equipment to guarantee the accurate cutting size in any adjustment.It can moved smoothly in 3 directons cutting.
Technical Data


PSQ300 PSQ600 PSQ800
max producta size mm 3000×1250×1250 6000×1250×1250 8000×1250×1250
transromer capacity KVA 10 10 10
connected loud kw 11.55 11.55 11.55
max contour size mm 3800×1900×2480 6800×1900×2480 8800×1900×2480
Machine weight kg 1200 1800 2200
Automatic block Cutting Eps ctting machine Automatic Quantitative Foaming machine Automatic Block molding machine
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